Design Your Life

Design Your Life

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The course format will be 1.5 hours every Sunday in August starting August 4th, 2024. You, along with 9 other like-minded individuals, will have the opportunity to virtually meet with Morgan Mullen and hear what she wished she had known 6 years ago as a designer. 

  • Building your portfolio 
  • Social media strategy/marketing yourself 
  • Programs to use 
  • Creating better processes 
  • Construction book details 
  • Proposals 
  • Presentations 
  • Contracts & negotiations 
  • How to charge 
  • Markups/commissions 
  • Maximizing profits 
  • Protecting yourself/vetting clients 
  • Working with contractors 
  • Client/designer relationships 
  • What to avoid 
  • Building a team/company culture 
  • Top preferred vendors 

You will receive a schedule of what will be covered each week and have a chance to send in your weekly questions, which will be addressed in the last half hour. 

If you are unable to attend on a Sunday, the time will be recorded and made available by request!

This course is a $1,500 investment in your career as a designer (+ a tax write-off!) and will give you practical next steps for growing your business!

 There will only be 10 spots available, so the first 10 people to complete the payment will secure their spot. 

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